2013 NFL Week 7 Review


Again, the Denver Broncos were in the spotlight with what the media dubbed the War of 1812 capitalizing on the return of #18 Peyton Manning to the House That Manning Built, to face the gunslinger hired to replace the Legend, #12 Andrew Luck. There was a tribute prior to the kickoff for Peyton Manning and he seemed really moved by the fan appreciation which was apparent with all of the #18 Jerseys in the stands. Remember, the Indianapolis Colts let Peyton Manning go after 14 years at the helm. In an interview before the game, Manning stated he never wanted to leave Indianapolis and wanted to retire a Colt. With that, Peyton Manning had a lot to show Colt’s management and Andrew Luck had a lot to show his home crowd trying to finally assert himself as the rightful owner of the Colts starting quarterback position. Peyton Manning put up good numbers again completing 59% of his passes for 386 yards and 3 Touchdowns with only 1 interception. Andrew Luck was effective as well completing 55% of his passes for 228 yards and 3 Touchdowns. He also ran for nearly 30 yards and a Touchdown. The Broncos also got Von Miller back after his 6 game suspension and he needs a couple of weeks to get back in the swing. Unfortunately, veteran Cornerback Champ Bailey, re-aggravated his foot injury that kept him sidelined for the first 6 weeks. The Colts lost their main receiver, Reggie Wayne to an injury after he caught his 1,000 career reception the week before. The Broncos trailed for the entire game and the Colts won the match-up 39-33 ending the undefeated streak for the Broncos and leaving just the Kansas City Chiefs as the only undefeated team in the league.

The 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs narrowly defeated the Houston Oilers 17-16 to enter Week 8 as the only undefeated team in the NFL after the Denver Broncos lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

The New York Jets beat the New England Patriots 30-27 in Overtime when Nick Folk kicked a field goal to win the game. Rob Gronkowski made his return to action and made an immediate impact catching 8 passes for 114 yards averaging 14.3 yards per reception. Tom Brady looked relieved having a veteran of Gronkowski’s caliber on the field.

The New York Giants easily took care of the disorganized Minnesota Vikings winning 23-7 in what was one of the worst games of the season pitting two of the worst teams together on the big stage.

Around the league:

  • Atlanta Falcons prevail over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23.
  • Cincinnati Bengals beat the Detroit Lions 27-14
  • Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 23-21
  • Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles 17-3
  • Washington Redskins narrowly defeated the Chicago Bears 45-41
  • Carolina Panthers beat the St. Louis Rams 30-15
  • San Diego Chargers defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-6
  • San Francisco 49ers beat the Tennessee Titans 31-17
  • Green Bay Packers defeated the Cleveland Browns 31-13
  • Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 19-16


  • Peyton Manning threw 3 more Touchdowns bringing him to 25 Passing Touchdowns and 2,565 Passing Yards this season leading the league in both categories. Peyton Manning is 10 Touchdowns ahead of Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers who have each thrown 15 Touchdowns this season.
  • Andy Dalton threw for 372 yards and 3 Touchdowns in their win over the Detroit Lions.
  • Matt Forte posted 91 rushing yards with 3 Touchdowns and another 18 yards receiving.
  • Frank Gore ran for 70 yards and 2 Touchdowns with 34 receiving yards.
  • Roy Helu ran for 3 Touchdowns in the Washington Redskins victory over the Chicago Bears.
  • Calvin Johnson had 71 receiving yards and 1 Touchdown plus another 39 yards rushing.
  • Vincent Jackson caught 10 passes for 138 yards and 2 Touchdowns.
  • A.J. Green caught 6 passes for 155 yards and a Touchdown.
  • Eric Decker posted 150 receiving yards and 1 Touchdown.
  • Jordan Reed was responsible for 134 receiving yards and 1 Touchdown.
  • Harry Douglas had 7 receptions for 149 yards and 1 Touchdown.
  • Carolina Panthers Defense had 2 fumble recoveries, 4 sacks, 1 interception and a Defensive Touchdown.
  • Indianpolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri drilled a 52-yard field goal against the Broncos after making two from 50-plus yards in Week 6. Vinatieri was 3 for 3 in Week 7, hitting also from 27 and 42 yards. He’s 15 of 17 this season.

Wes Welker did not catch any Touchdowns in Week 7 but still leads the league in 2013 with 8 receiving Touchdowns a spot he now shares with teammate Julius Thomas with 8 receiving Touchdowns for the year. Further down the list is Demaryous Thomas at 5 Touchdowns and Eric Decker at 3 accounting for 24 of Peyton Manning’s 25 Passing Touchdowns through Week 7 of the 2013 NFL Season. Knowshon Moreno leads the league with 8 Rushing Touchdowns adding to the domination the Denver Broncos are displaying this season so far.


  • Eli Manning moved into the #24 slot for Career Passing Yards with 33,488 yards passing.
  • Philip Rivers moved past Jon Kitna, Joe Ferguson and Randall Cunningham to #38 on the Top 40 Career Passing Yards list. Rivers knocked Jon Kitna off the list and eclipsed the 30,000 Career Passing Yards mark. Rivers also completed 1 Touchdown pass in Week 7 which moved him past Jim Everett to the #39 slot on the Career Passing Touchdowns list behind Randall Cunningham with 204 Passing Touchdowns.
  • Ben Roethlisberger passed Ken Anderson to take the #33 slot with his Touchdown pass in Week 7 putting him right behind Phil Simms with 198 Career Passing Touchdowns.
  • Carson Palmer’s Touchdown moved him past Steve DeBerg, Joe Ferguson, Hall of Fame Quarterback Bobby Layne and Norm Snead to share the #34 slot with Ken Anderson.
  • Tony Romo threw 1 Touchdown in Week 7 and moved into a tie at #37 with Bob Griese at 192 Career Passing Touchdowns.
  • Aaron Rodgers’ Touchdown pass moved him onto the Top 40 Career Passing Touchdown List for the first time and moved quickly to #38, a position he shares with Hall of Fame Quarterback Sammy Baugh at 187 Touchdowns. Rodgers quickly passed Craig Morton, Mark Brunell while knocking Steve Grogan from the Top 40 List.
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  • Frank Gore had a big week and moved past Adrian Peterson to #31 on the Career Rushing Yards list behind Hall of Fame Running Back Earl Campbell. Gore’s 2 Touchdowns in Week 7 moved him to #34 tied with Roger Craig, Steven Jackson and Curt Warner with 56 Touchdowns. Gore moved past Larry Johnson, Tiki Barber, Antowain Smith and George Rogers.
  • Willis McGahee moved past Ernest Byner to #37 on the Career Rushing Yards list behind Hall of Fame Running Back Jim Taylor knocking Gerald Riggs from the Top 40 List.
  • Marshawn Lynch scored 2 rushing Touchdowns and joined the Top 40 Rushing Touchdown list at #38 tied with Chris Warren, Bill Brown and Emerson Boozer at 52 Touchdowns. Lynch moved past Mike Pruitt, Greg Bell, Neal Anderson, Hall of Fame Running Back Paul Hornung, Joe Morris and Wendell Tyler.

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  • Andre Johnson moved past Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Don Maynard to assume the #22 slot on the list with 11,838 Career Receiving Yards.
  • Steve Smith caught 1 Touchdown in Week 7 moving him into a shared position at #26 for Career Receiving Touchdowns and is tied with Jimmy Moore, Derrick Mason and Roy Green at 66 Touchdowns.
  • Calvin Johnson caught 2 Touchdowns to move up and share the #32 slot with Gene Washington, Jerry Smith, Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Elroy Hirsch, Drew Hill and Anquan Boldin with 60 Career Receiving Touchdowns.

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