2013 NFL Week 12 Review


The 14th meeting of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady topped the headlines in Week 12 in a game that started out with Denver scoring 17 unanswered points in the first quarter with Von Miller scoring a defensive touchdown and Knowshon Moreno scoring on offense with a field goal thrown in for good measure.  In the second quarter, an old favorite of Peyton Manning, Jacob Tamme caught a 10 yard touchdown pass.  The weather was cold in New England which caused a lot of issues with holding onto the ball and both teams had their share of mishaps. Peyton Manning seemed to have issues throwing the cold ball and Denver reiled on the legs of Knowshon Moreno for a bulk of the duties as he ran the ball 37 time for 224 yards and a touchdown.  The second half was driven mainly by Tom Brady who seemed to have no issues with the cold ball as he threw 2 touchdowns, one to Julian Edelman and one to Rob Gronkowski along with Brandon Boldens 1 yard run for touchdown.  At the end of 3 quarters the score was Denver 24 and New England 21.  The fourth quarter had Tom Brady throwing a 14 yard pass to Julian Edelman and a 31 yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski.  Peyton Manning was able to complete an 11 yard pass to Demaryous Thomas  to tie the game at 31 and force an overtime battle. The Broncos got the ball first and were unable to score and the Patriots followed suit.  With 3 minutes left in the overtime, the New England Patriots punted the ball and due to a late decision by former Patriot Wes Welker to not field the ball, let the ball bounce and it hit a Denver Broncos player and the Patriots recovered the ball in field goal position. The Patriots kicked the game winning field goal 2 plays later.

In a game that boasted 8 lead changes, the San Diego Chargers were able to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs and hand them their second loss of the 2013 season. After a Charger field goal, Donnie Avery put the Chiefs on the board with a 32 yard reception for touchdown from Alex Smith. In the second quarter, Jamaal Charles ran in a touchdown from 7 yards out. The Chargers countered with a touchdown of their own from Danny Woodhead. Trailing the Chiefs 14-10 at the half, the Chargers were able to capitalize on their first possession with a 1 yard touchdown run from Ryan Matthews to take the lead 17-14. Just 3 minutes later, Jamaal Charles ran in for his second touchdown of the day putting the Chiefs back on top 21-17. The Chargers quickly moved the ball again and Danny Woodhead ran in a touchdown from 3 yards out.  The Chiefs countered scoring another touchdown just 2 minutes later and regaining the lead 28-24 going into the fourth quarter. The Chargers opened up with a 30 yard Nick Novak field goal and the Chiefs countered with one of their own from 25 yards. Less than 2 minutes later, Ladarius Green caught a 60 yard pass from Philip Rivers putting the Chargers up once again 34-31.  With 1:22 remaining in the game, Dwayne Bowe caught a 5 yard pass from Alex Smith and put the Chiefs ahead once again 38-34. The Chargers who had moved the ball with rapid fire precision all game took the remaining 1:22 and moved the ball without fail and Philip Rivers was able to complete a 26 yard touchdown pass to Seyi Ajirolulu with just 24 seconds remaining in the game and capped the Chargers win at 41-38 handing the Chiefs their second loss this season.


  • New Orleans Saints won over the Atlanta Falcons 17-13
  • New England Patriots beat the Denver Broncos 34-31
  • Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns 27-11
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers win their third game in a row against the Detroit Lions winning the game 24-21
  • Green Bay Packers tie at 26-26 after exchanging field goals with the Minnesota Vikings in overtime to end the game in a draw
  • San Diego Chargers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 41-38
  • St. Louis Rams beat the Chicago Bears 42-21
  • Carolina Panthers beat the Miami Dolphins 20-16
  • Baltimore Ravens defeated the New York Jets 19-3
  • Jacksonville Jaguars won easily over the Houston Texans 13-6
  • Tennessee Titans defeated the Oakland Raiders 23-19
  • Arizona Cardinals handily defeated the Indianapolis Colts 40-11
  • Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants 24-21
  • New York Giants routed the Green Bay Packers 27-13
  • San Francisco 49ers took the Washington Redskins to town beating them 27-6
  • Carolina Panthers beat the New England Patriots in a tight contest 24-20 with a controversial withdrawn interference call in the end zone.


  • Drew Brees completed 70% of his passes for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Knowshon Moreno ran the ball 37 times for 224 yards and 1 touchdown, a career high for rushing yards in a game for Moreno.
  • Tom Brady threw for 344 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Denver Broncos.
  • Jimmy Graham caught 5 passes for 100 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Philip Rivers completed 69% of his passes for 392 yards, 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.
  • Josh Gordon caught 14 passes for 237 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Cam Newton threw for 174 yards and 1 touchdown with 1 interception and ran 7 times for 51 yards and 1 touchdown against the Miami Dolphins.
  • Mike Wallace had a good day catching 5 passes for 127 yards and 1 touchdown averaging 25.4 yards per reception.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 71% of his passes for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Jamaal Charles ran for 115 yards and 2 touchdowns in addition to catching 4 passes for 42 yards averaging 4.2 yards per reception.
  • Kendall Wright caught 6 passes for 103 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Carson Palmer continues to play well and completed 70% of his passes in Week 12 for 314 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Josh McCown completed 77% of his passes for 352 yards and 2 touchdowns in Week 12 with just 1 interception.
  • Brandon Marshall caught 10 passes for 117 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Ryan Tannehill eclipsed the 300 yard mark again throwing 1 touchdown and 1 interception in the game against the Carolina Panthers.
  • Julian Edelman caught 9 passes from Tom Brady for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Matt Stafford threw for 297 yards and 3 touchdowns with 4 interceptions in the Lions 24-21 loss to the Buccaneers.
  • Alex Smith completed 68% of his passes for 294 yards and 3 touchdowns with just 1 interception.
  • Rob Gronkowski caught 7 Tom Brady passes for 90 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Adrian Peterson carried the ball 32 times for 146 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Eddie Lacy ran for 110 yards and 1 touchdown.
  • Colin Kaepernick threw for 235 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • Anquan Boldin caught 5 passes for 94 yards and 2 touchdowns.


  • Drew Brees moved up 1 slot into the #5 position passing Warren Moon and sitting behind Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway with 49,566 Career Passing Yards.  Brees also moved past Tom Brady to assume the #4 slot with 352 Career Passing Touchdowns and is behind Dan Marino on the Top 40 List.
  • Eli Manning moved past Steve DeBerg to the #22 slot behind Matt Hasselbeck with 34,287 Career Passing Yards.
  • Ben Roethlisberger passed Kerry Collins, Kurt Warner and Jim Hart to the #26 slot tied with Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw with 212 Career Passing Touchdowns. Roethlisberger moved up 2 slots to #28 past Troy Aikman and Ken Anderson with 32,962 Career Passing Yards.
  • Philip Rivers moved up 2 slots to #27 passing Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins and Jim Hart behind Terry Bradshaw and Ben Roethlisberger with 211 Career Passing Touchdowns.
  • Carson Palmer moved up 1 slot to #31 passing Jim Everett and sitting behind Randall Cunningham with 205 Career Passing Touchdowns. Palmer moved past Kurt Warner, Sonny Jurgensen and Mark Brunell to the #31 slot behind Ken Anderson with 32,352 Career Passing Yards.
  • Tony Romo threw his 200th Career Passing Touchdown and moved up 1 slot to #35 passing Phil Simms on the list.


  • Adrian Peterson moved past Joe Perry into the #29 slot behind Clinton Portis with 9,846 Career Rushing Yards. Peterson’s 1 Touchdown in Week 12 moved him up 1 slot to #11 tied with Priest Holmes with 86 Career Rushing Touchdowns.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew moved up 1 slot into a tie at #23 with Eddie George and Thomas Jones at 68 Career Rushing Touchdowns.
  • Steven Jackson moved up 1 slot past Curt Warner, Roger Craig and Earnest Byner into the #31 slot behind Jamaal Lewis, Mike Alstott and Frank Gore with 57 Career Rushing Touchdowns.
  • Chris Johnson joined the Top 40 list for the first time at #40 tied with James Stewart and Hall of Fame Running Back John Henry Johnson with 48 Career Rushing Touchdowns.


  • Anquan Boldin passed Gary Clark to assume the #31 slot behind Joey Galloway with 10,899 Career Receiving Yards.
  • Larry Fitzgerald moved up 1 slot to #13 passing Andre Rison, Tommy McDonald, Irving Fryer and Mark Clayton into a tie with Hall of Fame Wide Reciever Lance Alworth, Hines Ward and Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Paul Warfield with 85 Career Receiving Touchdowns.
  • Calvin Johnson moved up 1 slot to #27 passing Santana Moss, Sterling Sharpe, Sonny Randle, Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Bobby Mitchell, Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Charlie Joiner, Hall of Fame Wide Receiver Michael Irvin, Henry Ellard and Gary Clark into a tie with Steve Smith, Roy Green, Derrick Mason and Jimmy Orr at 66 Career Receiving Touchdowns.
  • Dallas Clark joined the Top 40 at #40 tied with Isaac Curtis at 53 Career Receiving Touchdowns.
  • Roddy White joined Dallas Clark on the Top 40 list at #40 tied with Isaac Curtis at 53 Career Receiving Touchdowns.


  • Robert Mathis moved up 1 slot into a tie at #20 with Trace Armstrong with 106.0 Career Sacks.
  • Justin Smith entered the Top 40 list this week at #40 tied with Hugh Douglas and Jason Gildon with 80.0 Career Sacks.

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